Modern order processing and control: mediaPort

mediaPort offers you the perfect opportunity to make your daily work routine easier and accelerate your order times. We’ll handle the rest!

Do you still use MS Office and local files for editing and saving your orders?

We would like to invite you to do things differently with us and make your daily work routine easier!

To use and support communication, file storage and work processes across all locations and the company, proprietary software has been introduced, which can be flexibly adapted to any requirements and desired processes. For the purpose of accelerating processes in mutual projects and to simplify and document communication, we provide all our partners and customers with mediaPort, a browser-based solution that is available online.

mediaPort works like a digital order portfolio. All data, deadlines, approvals and information are centrally managed. Participants can view the processing status of the order–from the design to the print–without special software and always up to date. Includes file transfer and view, and even version comparison!

An overview of mediaPort:

  • Full order and project documentation and project communication
  • Process-based project plans incl. timing and status overview
  • Centralized file storage and sending, incl. archiving
  • Graphical data view and comparison with comments function (online)
  • Automatic notifications – by e-mail or internally in the system
  • Rights-based access, customizable view
  • Cloud-based solution that is usable worldwide
  • Proprietary SW development and exclusively uses German servers
  • No installation and additional software required (Java-free!)
  • Available in several languages
  • mediaPort offers you the perfect opportunity to make your daily work routine easie