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    Reproduction with passion

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We offer you the platform to discuss topics such as printing quality, process efficiency and chain sustainability with industry experts. Based on our latest innovative developments, we offer the opportunity to exchange ideas. Each Flexo Frühstück | Expert Forum has its own theme. An extensive presentation on our part or by external speakers provides the basis for a constructive discussion and learning moments.

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Gold for the new technology “Impulse Screen”

From 200 submissions spread over 24 countries, U. Günther GmbH and Cl. Jaehde GmbH are one of three winners in Europe and the only one in Germany.

The specially developed “Impulse Screen” technology offers an absolutely new flexo print result. And there was gold for that!

The advanced screening in combination with the ecological printing plate raise the printing resolution to a new level. Gradients appear even softer, the colors stronger and therefore more brilliant in appearance, small illustrations such as the Nutri Score now razor sharp.


Proudly expanding our stratigic partnership

“We are proud to announce that we U. Günther GmbH are partner of a worldwide network of leading prepress experts! The #GlobalPremediaNetwork now includes 10 GPN members with more than 33 premedia sites on 6 continents worldwide. In this way, we support brands and printing houses in their international growth through the uncomplicated exchange of know-how with new possibilities to offer high-quality and uniform premedia services worldwide with global and local partners.


Impulse Screen – your quality update for brands and printers 

“These results are achieved with a conventional setup and without investing in new anilox rollers. If you want the evidence, try it out. We show how to do it.”

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