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technische Reinzeichnung der Druckdaten

Final artwork

The technical final artwork of the print data is a central work step for achieving perfect results.

We refine design data for every printing process using the latest professional software versions. Our final artwork includes all print-specific requirements and is tailored to the respective print conditions and to the entire product range. To ensure optimum machine utilization, we create the best-possible N-up design for the print. This lets us create the conditions for a stable printing process and ensure that your print orders are reproducible.

druckspezifische Aufbereitung der Daten als Vorbereitung der Druckformherstellung


For us, this means preparing specific printing data as direct preparation for manufacturing the print form.

In this process, the utmost precision and good knowledge of the individual printing machines being used are crucial. It is important to optimally adapt the data to the print environment that is used, which we already coordinate directly with the manufacturing printing plant during the first step.

Our print consultants not only support the actual printing process, but are already working at this point in time to verify on-site requirements at the printing plant and coordinate the printer’s requirements with our repro department. Thanks to this close collaboration, we can create data and print forms that are individually tailored to print processes and machines and thereby consistently ensure high quality. In addition to optimizing existing processes, this also includes improving workflows and creating personalized color profiles that are detailed and go further than the conventional market standard.

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Genormte Prooferstellung

Standardized proof creation

Print simulation on an original substrate as a reference for the production print.

To monitor your print results beforehand, we can simulate your products with the help of 1:1 proofs. All services from artwork, repro and fingerprint (see color management) can be depicted together here.

For a realistic reference drawing, we create our proofs as a:

  • GMG with binding colors according to the ISOcoated standard
  • 1:1 dot proof
  • Substrate simulation – transparent film, silver film, white background

One solution that brings additional benefits to our customers is our remote proofing offering directly on site. We work with the proofing equipment at the customer’s premises, saving you time, expenses, and long transport routes.