• Hot-foil embossing meets spot coating
    Hot-foil embossing meets spot coating

Mock-ups as on a shelf


For us, it’s all about the packaging, which is why we’ve given ourselves the task of creating a visual and haptic experience out of every new packaging.

Using our unique impulse-proof system, we produce realistic mock-ups, from the 1st edition to small-scale production. This lets us illustrate many different refinements such as

  • Hot-foil embossing
  • Spot coating
  • Metallic color
  • Matte embossing or
  • Pantone 877

on many different substrates such as

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Film
  • Cardboard or
  • Corrugated cardboard.

We have already tested a lot, but we also look forward to new designs that challenge our systems and, consequently, us. Feel free to write to us. Our mock-up team will be glad to accept your request.