druckspezifische Aufbereitung der Daten als Vorbereitung der Druckformherstellung

We adapt the scope of our services to your requirements. It is your choice whether you have us create the complete master design or you deliver a master design yourselves, which we will then adapt for the different packaging types. If you provide us with print-ready files, we will check them through and prepare them for the appropriate print method.

Checking & Creating Artwork for Excisting Designs

Where a finished design already exists, we check it for its suitability for printing. The challenge that arises from this begins with the design’s reproduction/adaptation on the different forms of packaging within the product range. This process follows our specially developed workflow solutions, which analyse and build up the data as follows:

  • Preflight – incoming data inspection
  • Preparation of the master artwork
  • Adaptation of master artwork to product range

This process-optimised workflow can be automatically adapted for size, type and language to the different packaging units. The predefined target specifications mean that discrepancies in differing lettering and symbols are immediately recognised. This is how we ensure that the specified standards are observed and implemented.

Time & Money Savings Thanks to Good Advice

In order to achieve the best possible results, the brand manufacturers and agencies receive technical advice from our print consultants from the design stage onwards. With our detailed visualisation possibilities and specialised knowledge in relation to the different print methods, all the components can be coordinated in advance. This represents an enormous time saving and reduces time to market.

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